Stone bathroom vanity unit
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Stone bathroom vanity unit.

A unique combination of shapes and natural materials characterises this stone vanity unit.

This was perhaps one of the most debated designs as far as vanity unit is concerned. The blue print was produced on "the drawing board" with several solutions for the basins which final decision came when some bathroom products were showcased to the client. Much was the debate as to whether have the same basin on both positions or have them of different finish to represent the different users of the bathroom, they went in in a different finish in the end! The basins are in travertine, one of them with a mosaic finished base and the other with an horizontal striped relieve.

The shape of the worktops in onix marble are one out of several solutions again, the challenge was to keep elements balanced with each other and the bigger picture as a whole still maintaining a very good degree of usability.

And then it came to the taps: no too long there to agree on the colour changing option to create mood.

The mirror got its own deserved attention as well, this was the longest decision to make, several were literally bought only to be used elsewhere in the house or sold over, with this hand made mirrored mosaic one winning over the client's heart, finally!

The blue lit up pod on the side wall was also designed and made for the purpose, it works with LED strips protected by a sand blasted slot of glass and perforated stainless steel grill made in a London metal workshop.

The whole of the area compared to a project within a project.

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