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Steam room design.

Steam room or turkish bath design goes back to roman times. Steam rooms would not normally reside in the average house until today as they are much more appreciated by the public becoming more aware of the endless design possibilities in a bathroom. More houses have steam rooms as more space in the house is dedicated to the wellness of the body.

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Steam rooms.

The design of a bespoke steam room is highly technical as aspects like size and construction materials will be critical to the choice of steam generator size.
The construction of the cubicle is equivalent to building one extra room in the space available with the main difference that the interior is totally waterproofed. There are different techniques to seal the interior of a steam room ranging from special paints, membranes in several materials and rubbery tapes to choose according to technicalities or preference. A series of details need to be looked at to achieve the best results in a given situation like positioning all the fittings and various items inside like shower heads and valves, steam outlet and programmer, light fittings and controls, seats, ventilation, not to mention the choice of surface finish that can range from an innumerable amount of stones, ceramics or other artificial materials.

The benefits of steam bathing are scientifically proven and range from muscle relaxation to skin cleansing. If you have a busy life constantly under pressure, either physically or mentally, then a steam bath is what will make the difference at the end or at the start of the day between feeling tired and strengthless or fresh and rejuvenated. With a steam bath you can also use aromatherapy consisting of just a few drops of essential oils in the steam head. Aromatherapy is beneficial to a variety of causes especially regarding the respiratory system thus turning the steam session in a more complete and wholesome experience. Please visit the following links to learn more about benefits of steam bathing when properly conducted.

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